Accreditations and memberships

Fendercare Marine devotes a large amount of global resources to ensure that health and safety remains a priority throughout all operations.

Each marine application is conducted in the most socially responsible manner, reducing the environmental impact of our services without compromising quality. The strict health and safety procedures and protocols are used by Fendercare Marine to maintain its first-class reputation.

The following industry accreditations and memberships demonstrate our commitment to continually improving our services in-line with international standards:

Achilles accredited

Fendercare Marine's quality and consistency is ensured through the Achilles accreditation, where sustainable procurement is delivered through identification, evaluation and monitoring. This allows us to effectively manage risk and provide safe solutions worldwide. 


DNV GL accredited

All offshore service containers at Fendercare Marine are globally certified to DNV GL recognised standards - the culmination of three decades of research, development and evolution.



ISO accredited

Fendercare Marine is ISO 9001 International Quality Management System certified, demonstrating its commitment to products, process and procedure quality. Additionally, our level of environmental responsibility has been certified to ISO 14001:2004 standard.


OHSAS accredited

Fendercare Marine is committed to applying operational health and safety procedures that improve the people, environment, assets and reputation. This is reiterated through our Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services 1800:2007 accreditation. View our OHSAS certificate.