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CALM buoys

Fendercare Marine provides a complete supply, installation and maintenance service for CALM buoys, from its network of global bases.

Our experienced and qualified teams are able to supply and install catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) buoys as well as provide a complete maintenance management service, for not just the CALM buoys but also the supporting equipment such as floating and subsea hoses, together with the provision and maintenance of all ancillary equipment such as hose end valves, spool pieces and chains.

We can also provide complete floating and subsea hose management including hose string assembly, installation and disassembly of old hoses together with a full inspection and requalification service, including repair and refurbishment works, long-term storage and the procurement of replacement equipment.

CALM buoys
Large CALM buoy

CALM buoys services

CALM buoys have grown to become one of the leading offshore loading terminals and are being deployed worldwide for a wide range of applications and vessels. They’re commonly used for offloading crude oil from floating production storage and offloading units in deep water.

Our services include:

  • CALM buoy supply
  • CALM buoy installation
  • CALM buoy operation
  • CALM buoy maintenance
  • CALM buoy refurbishment
  • CALM buoy repair
  • CALM buoy removal

CALM buoys are secured to the seabed by anchors or piles and are typically located in water between 20-100m where they’re connected to a storage facility or offshore production farm. At least one hawser secures the tanker to a turntable which is mounted by a slewing bearing to the top of the buoy. The liquid is then transferred via the CALM buoy to/from the tanker via floating and subsea hose systems.

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