Fender Hire Vs Purchase

As a world-leading supplier of fenders, we know a thing or two about the acquisition and upkeep of fendering systems. Our role is to provide a reliable and durable solution to our client base, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness in all sectors, from off-shore and leisure to cargo and defence. 

Since our inception, we have continued to evolve by listening to, and keeping our finger on the pulse of the fender industry and service provision. Clients told us they needed the flexibility and freedom that hiring single or multiple fenders provide, especially where operations temporarily increased in specific locations. Shortly after, our fender hire service launched, offering the best of both worlds for marine clients worldwide. 

There are benefits associated with outright purchase and hire – but which option is best for you?

What does hiring a fender involve?

Fender hire is a highly flexible and cost-effective method of securing fenders for a vessel or quayside application. The upfront costs associated with fender purchase and installation can be significant, especially for larger vessels or multi-national operations. Purchase also doesn’t offer any give where the natural fluctuations of commercial and naval operations at sea are concerned – when not in use, the storage and maintenance of redundant fenders can be challenging and costly. 

Fender hire can be offered over a long or short-term duration depending on customer needs, with immediate hire options available worldwide. Fenders are quickly dispatched from one of our global hubs and will be maintained and serviced by ourselves for the duration of the rental period. Our fender hire service is always offered on a bespoke basis – involving factors such as the number and type of fenders required and the lease duration. 

What are the benefits of hiring fenders?

Fender hire offers a variety of benefits, which of course, depend on the client, sector, purpose and vessel. Some of the most notable advantages include the following: 

Greater flexibility: Hiring fenders offers the advantage of flexibility which is often invaluable given the unpredictable nature of operations at sea. Forward forecasting can help ship owners predict how many fenders they need to purchase. Still, when unforeseen events require more fenders (or less), fender hire offers a versatile and tailored solution. 

Full support: When you hire fenders from us, you’ll receive the best support, including expert advice and responsive on-site repair and maintenance from our experienced team of engineers. Hiring fenders also guarantees complete safety and reliability as you’ll be covered by our expert maintenance team – with all products supplied fully compliant with ISO 17357.

Future-proofing: Much like a mobile phone contract, hiring fenders offers greater flexibility when you need to upgrade to a more advanced product or a different model. As your fleet and requirement evolve, a fender hire contract can move with you, allowing you to upgrade to a different or newer type of fender in line with technological advances and any changes to your requirements as your fleet changes or expands. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure you’ll benefit from the best fender products available today – and there’s no deterioration in performance, thanks to our regular service checks. 

Short-term assistance: Fender hire can be a useful option where a replacement or bespoke fenders are pending or a fender is urgently required whilst carrying out a one-off operation or project. It wouldn’t be sensible or cost-effective to purchase fenders in these situations, so hiring individual fenders is a much smarter and simpler alternative. Short-term fender hire can also quickly alleviate pressure on busy ports during unusually hectic times. 

Fluid assets: Fender hire is an incredibly cost-effective option. Opting to hire fenders also ensures money isn’t tied up in redundant or unused equipment should your rapidly-changing maritime landscape and scope of work change, helping to improve cash flow.  

Is fender purchase a better fit for you?

Although the flexibility of fender hire makes it an understandably popular and attractive option, fender purchase does have its benefits. Again, these are based on the requirements of an individual vessel and the needs of each customer. The benefits of purchasing outright include a straightforward solution with no additional overheads to consider and owning your fenders outright as physical and financial assets. There are no ongoing costs post-purchase other than maintaining and repairing the fender where necessary. 

Complete fender solutions worldwide from Fendercare

At Fendercare, we’ve spent over four decades supplying and servicing fenders worldwide. With experience and expertise spanning multiple industries and strategically situated global hubs, we can provide complete coverage and agile fendering support for vessels of all sizes and sectors. 

As a leading retailer and lessor of Yokohama pneumatic fenders, you can count on us for both short-term and long-term hires. We stock a wide variety of high-quality fenders ranging from 0.5m x 1.0m through to 3.3m x 6.5m and 4.5m x 9.0m, available for immediate hire across all our global bases. Rental packages are available for short-term and longer-term projects, including berthing alongside quays, ship-to-ship cargo transfers and double or triple banking requirements when ports are busy.

Speak to us today for bespoke specialist advice and further details on our services and supply.