LNG scope of supply

Dedicated to safety and seamless execution of LNG STS operations.

Fendercare Marine will endeavour to identify a safe location and provide the highest standards of expertise, equipment and support.

With immediate access to market leading equipment and personnel needed to execute and deliver LNG STS operations sucesfully, Fendercare Marine ensure all licences and permissions obtained from local authorities and governing bodies prior to every STS operation so that clients are able to focus on what’s most important to their business.

We work with our customers to comprehensively review all operational requirements and associated documentation, gathering data for all elements of STS operations including a vessels compatibility study, a detailed weather study and a location specific LNG STS risk assessment so that we can continually improve our processes. 

Our scope of supply includes:

  • Yokohama primary and secondary fenders
  • Manifold to manifold LNG transfer system
  • Highly qualified and experienced LNG STS superintendents
  • Support craft to rig/unrig STS equipment
  • Tug supply and management to assist with berthing/unberthing and to provide guard tug duties
  • All necessary STS licences and permissions
  • Bespoke LNG simulator training utilising state of the art equipment
  • Industry compliant procedures
  • Operation specific risk assessments
  • Compatibility assessment / fender mooring arrangement
  • Technical marine support
  • 24/7 operation co-ordination
  • OPTIMOOR study