Smit brackets

Fendercare Marine supplies smit brackets approved for use in all emergency towing situations, either within a towing system, or used individually for chain connections on a vessel or barge.

Our smit brackets are manufactured to Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) guidelines and are LRS, ABS and DNV type approved.

We provide smit brackets for a range of marine applications, including single point mooring (SPM) and emergency towing applications, and to suit most sized anchors and chains. Standard smit bracket capacities are 102 and 204 tonnes, but 250 and 800 tonnes are available upon request. The smit brackets are welded to the deck and are rated to withstand the breaking load of the marine chain used.

Smit bracket handing configurations to be stated when ordered. Underdeck stiffening to be in accordance with the appropriate classification society requirements and approved by the classification society surveyor.

Smit brackets for mooring and emergency towing applications

Typical specifications:

Safe working load (SWL) Product code A B C D E F G H I J K L
102T A3-1809 700 600 420 320 242 153 92 100 25 388 127 200
204T A3-1800 1150 800 500 400 305 170 135 150 40 508 155.5 223


Technical drawings:

102T smit bracket 

204T smit bracket 


250T and 350T also available on request; to discuss your requirements contact us at Fendercare Marine.