Vessel fendering systems

Fendercare Marine's vessel fendering systems are extremely lightweight but very durable, and are typically bonded to the hulls of vessels but can also be mechanically fixed if required.

The inside of the fender is made of elastic polyethylene foam, which provides for energy absorption. This core is then coated in protective marine-grade polyurethane (PU), either via a spraying or moulding process.

Depending upon the application, we can vary the materials we use (i.e. the density of the foam, the material properties of the PU and the mesh reinforcement system) to provide the ideal combination for each specific project.

We are now, uniquely able to incorporate Kevlar™ reinforcement into the PU skin of our fenders to give an outstanding level of durability, particularly where high-wear areas have been identified.

Our foam elastomer fendering technology has significant benefits over traditional rubber, inflatable tubes, ionomer and hypalon foam options.

Fendercare Marine's elastomer foam fendering benefits:

  • Ultra-light in comparison to rubber fendering (from 3kg/m), therefore minimises hull weight and boosts vessel performance which is particularly crucial for projects where speed and mobility are vital
  • It will not puncture or lose pressure in the way that inflatable RIB collars can, so is ideal in situations where pneumatic collars are perceived to represent too much of an operational risk
  • Can offer better energy absorption properties and lower transfer of loads to the hull than ionomer type fendering (depending on the application-driven combination of materials)
  • Presents very little risk of permanent shrinkage and offers very high tear resistance, as opposed to hypalon/foam systems which can remain permanently deformed following collision and are relatively easily torn

Other benefits of our vessel fendering systems include:

  • Light enough to be bonded to the hull, it offers simplicity of fixing. As it does not require drilling bolt-holes it eradicates the problem of fenders splitting around the bolt-holes. 95% of our customers are now successfully bonding our elastomer vessel fendering systems onto their hulls, with adhesive recommendations and installation guidelines and technical support available from us as required
  • For customers with a preference for non-bonded installation, a number of different mechanical fixing systems can be utilised depending on the application
  • For best in-class durability, Kevlar™ reinforcement can now be built into the PU skin of our sprayed fender systems
  • Completely non-marking, which is of great interest to yacht owners and navies in particular
  • Available in a full spectrum of colours. We have now developed a unique, completely UV-stable white PU which can be used as the basis of all light colours. As we pigment the PU ourselves, we can mix colours to customer specifications.
  • We offer a number of very neat jointing and termination options for our fendering
  • Surface finish and quality, especially of the moulded fendering, is extremely high

Our lightweight and durable vessel fendering systems are suitable for anyone designing, building or operating a vessel where there is a definite requirement for the fendering to be extremely light, to look extremely good, or both.

Main applications for vessel fendering systems:

  • Leisure – complete fendering systems for luxury tenders and motor yachts
  • Leisure – bathing platform reinforcements for superyachts and megayachts
  • Military – patrol, raiding or interception craft
  • Commercial – production RIBs (inc SOLAS)
  • Commercial – pilot boats and fast crew vessels
  • Commercial – fast rescue craft/lifeboats