Floating fenders

Fendercare Marine is the world's largest operator of genuine Yokohama brand pneumatic fenders, as well as a leading manufacturer of floating foam fenders.

Fendercare Marine is renowned for its ability to provide best in class marine fendering solutions to its customers. We pride ourselves in bringing the benefit of significant marine and operational expertise to our customers, working with you to ensure you obtain the best-fit and best value solution to suit your marine fendering needs.

Yokohama pneumatic fenders

As one of the world's leading providers of Yokohama floating fenders - all supplied to ISO 17357 standard - we are also, via our Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfer division, the world's largest operator of genuine Yokohama-brand pneumatic fenders. To put it simply, we wouldn't stake our STS reputation on any other brand of pneumatic fender.

Yokohama fenders are ideal for short-term port calls or one-off berthings, interim fendering during construction or maintenance work, transfer of cargoes at sea, buoyancy aids, providing vessel stand-off and double berthing requirements. Additional fenders are provided to naval specifications.

Floating fender servicing and support

Our marine fender through-life support package involves not only the swift and efficient sale of new fenders, but also rental, hire/purchase and repair/refurbishment services. Highly trained staff at our global bases are able to receive your damaged fenders for repair at our premises or to travel to your site to undertake repair or refurbishment work on pneumatic or foam filled fenders.

As well as a comprehensive range of floating fenders, we also provide a broad range of fixed fenders and vessel fendering systems and are able to design bespoke fendering solutions for specific requirements.

 For further product technical information, visit the Fendercare Marine book.

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