Fendercare Marine is the official global distributor of HALO Maritime Defence Systems.

products graphic. png.pngFendercare offer HALO’s full range of waterside security and protection solutions from our facilities in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Our service includes product supply, installation and maintenance, providing customers access to some of the most advanced waterside security solutions available, together with the support of Fendercare’s personnel for installation and maintenance projects.

Advanced waterside security and protection with HALO

HALO’s floating barriers and gates provide essential security to critical assets that are vulnerable to water-borne access. The systems benefit from over ten years of research and development, offering the only solution available to have met or exceeded the US Navy’s performance specifications.  

As a fully scalable solution, HALO offers modular, manual and fully automatic security and safety barriers. The systems work by absorbing and transferring the kinetic energy of an approaching craft into the surrounding body of water, a solution that maintains a uniform strength across the entire structure, regardless of length.

A range of systems have been developed for specific applications, including, static defence barriers, retractable defence barriers, LODS, and automatic gate control systems. 

The systems offer a reliable and tested security solution for applications including; ports, harbours and jetties as well as waterside and marine infrastructure such as nuclear facilities and oil and gas platforms.

Download the HALO barrier and gate systems product sheet.

Static Defence Barriers (SDB's) Retractable Defence barriers (RDB's) Line of Demarcation (LOD's) Automatic Gate Controls (AGC's)