HALO’s FORTRESS Automatic Gate Control (ASG) system is a package of hardware and software that provides operators with control of access to ports and harbours when combined with one of HALO’s access solutions.


The system is a self-monitoring solution that alerts operators on location and remotely of any situational changes, facilitating fully informed decision making when it comes to access control and security.   

The FORTRESS can be integrated with any existing port or harbour infrastructure and a robust design means that the equipment can operate in the harshest of marine and coastal environments. FORTRESS is the hub between your port or marine access control system and automatic port security gates.


Download the FORTRESS specification sheet.

Electro-motive controls

  • Regulated gate control tensions - Optimised, application tailored, system sizing reduces operating costs and boosts overall system efficiency and performance.
  • Electronic braking system - Electronic back-tension and brake system reduces maintenance and simplifies operation.
  • Optional power regeneration - Further reduces system operating costs.

System architecture

  • Unifies sensor data - Provides operators with precise sea-gate and tow line positions and tensions. As well as supervisory monitoring of third party systems.
  • Self-Monitoring - Continuously monitors system components and processor status for rapid alerting of system warnings and alarms.

Human-machine interfacing

  • Continuous system monitoring - Rapidly alerts operators of abnormal conditions.
  • Flexible control interfaces - Local and Remote operator controls.
  • Optional local operator hand-held wireless control - Provides easy local control and allows operators and maintainers to remain shipboard.
  • Operational Overview - Compiles and displays system status and alerts to operators locally and remotely, allowing them to make informed decisions about gate operations and system status.
  • Situational Awareness - Operators know the status of the gate at any time. Combined with closed circuit camera systems, greatly improves overall situational awareness.

Integrations and communications

  • Flexible field bus - Integrates into existing port or marina controls.
  • "COTS" networking hardware- Communication over commercially available off-the-shelf Ethernet hardware.
  • Optional secure wireless mesh networking - Flexible installation options where routing cables or fiber-optics is difficult or impossible.
  • Third Party Integrations - Fully integrates new and existing detection systems into the operator interface including:

                      *HD security cameras
                      *Thermal imaging cameras
                      *Remote mount infra-red illuminators
                      *High amplitude loud speaker and audible deterrent systems
                      *Radar base threat detection
                      *Mid-range perimeter detection and surveillance radar
                      *Wireless mesh network nodes
                      *Remote solar Power stations
                      *Other third party sensor packages

  • Access control systems including RFID, biometric, and PIN.
  • Centralised credential repositories, local or cloud based.


  • Closed-loop environmental controls allow continuous system operation at up to 50° C
  • Application Ingress Protection IP65 - IP69k.
  • Rugged construction with marine compatible materials and coatings.