ORCA LOD is a modular Line of Demarcation ideal for providing rapidly deployed cordons in most maritime environments.


ORCA LOD provides clear delineation of restricted areas helping to protect buildings, structures, vessels and other waterside assets. In addition, ORCA can provide a clear waterside cordon around worksites and events, helping to ensure the safety of swimmers and other leisure users.

Key Features:

  • Low density polyethylene environmentally friendly roto-molded shell
  • Foam filled remains buoyant if outer shell is punctured
  • Multiple accessory mounting locations
  • Large reserve buoyancy
  • Tamper-resistant fasteners
  • Stackable
  • Adaptable / configurable
  • Easily and quickly deployed
  • Variety of colour choices


Height off water 0.7 m
Beam (width) 0.7 m
Mass 180 kg /m
Maximum kinetic energy capability Not ratedl
Percentage of boats stopped Not rated
ASTM F2766-11 Kinetic Energy Level   Not rated
Environment Calm / moderate

Automatic marine gate  
Manual marine gate
Static defence barrier
Portable defensive barrier

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