THE ORION DEPLOYER system is a portable expeditionary barrier and safety solution based on the field-proven technology used in the GUARDIAN barrier.


ORION DEPLOYER can be transported fully assembled and quickly deployed using standard shipping containers and is the ideal solution for protecting transient assets. Its corrosion resistant, composite construction and net capture system are designed to form an impassable wall, creating safe environment for high value assets at sea. 

It features a modular design that provides simplified deployment, maintenance, repair, and mobilisation.  

Key features:


  • Meets United States Navy Performance Specifications for environmental and impact criteria.
  • Standard 40ft shipping container holds 45.7m (150ft) of barrier.
  • Barrier designed with versatile payload capacity.
  • Flexible module connection system allows system to conform to most environments.
  • Adjustable ballast provides improved stability at high-energy sites.
  • Mooring buoys and anchors can be included with assembly.
  • Optional containorised lifting cage to expedite deployment and retrieval.


Download the ORION DEPLOYER specification sheet. 

Height off water 1.5 m
Beam (width) 2.2 m
Mass 85 kg /m
Maximum kinetic energy capability 705 kl
Percentage of boats stopped 99.00%
ASTM F2766-11 Kinetic Energy Level   Level C 
Environment Calm / moderate

Access control and monitoring      ✔     
Automatic marine gate  
Manual marine gate
Static defence barrier
Portable defensive barrier

Swimmers      ✔     
Small watercraft
Medium watercraft