HALO’s ORION RDB is a retractable port security gate designed to protect against small boat threats and intruders in the marine and nearshore environments.



ORION, the smaller brother of the GUARDIAN RDB, is a lightweight and rapidly deployable waterside security system. The solution is proven in the field and is also the only retractable defence barrier available that has been independently tested and verified by the US Navy.

The ORION RDB can be deployed as a static perimeter defence or line of demarcation, or as a dynamic manually or fully automatic gate. It offers a strong degree of protection to port infrastructure, and provides easy access for authorised personnel.

ORION has been designed with flexibility in mind, and can be easily positioned within the port to protect a visiting vessel and removed again after departure.


Download the ORION specification sheet.

                                Parameter                                                    SI **                                        USC **               
Freeboard (height off water) 1.7 m  5.5 ft
Beam (width) 2.8 m  9 ft - 3 in 
Maximum kinetic energy capability >423 KJ *   > 312,000 ft-lbf
United States Navy specified threat boats stopped >98.1%   >98.1% 
Post impact displacement 2.0 m  6.5 ft
Meets or exceeds United States Navy requirements    
Structurally intact post impact    
Gate operationally intact post impact    
maintains protection against follow-up attacks    


* maximum kinetic energy customizable to customer needs. Please contact us for details.
** International System of Units (Système international d'unités) and United States Customary Units

The ORION® RDB can be fully integrated with existing third-party port security barrier systems or other HALO waterside security solutions.

Standard ORION colour options include international orange, safety yellow and black.  The unique manufacturing process for ORION allows customer selection from an array of options to match existing corporate colour scheme, maritime specification, or personal preference. 

Demonstration video