TRITON is a high visibility, safety-critical open water maritime barrier designed to withstand the harshest of marine environments – up to 10 meter wave events.



TRITION has been designed specifically to protect and restrict access to assets in open water. Key applications include protecting oil and gas installations, FLNG vessels and other high value assets.

The barrier’s modular design maximises the lifespan of the structure and minimises maintenance requirements; a critical factor for safety barriers deployed in deep, open water far from port. TRITON’s geometry and material composition has been designed to provide optimum hydrodynamic stability.

Patented joints between each barrier segment gives the structure the strength and flexibility to withstand extreme wave events and impacts. The system can also be opened and closed, providing access to restricted water space around sensitive offshore installations as well as interfaced with oil containment products.

Download the TRITON specification sheet.

Height off water 3.0 m
Beam (width) 3.0 m
Mass 310 kg /m
Maximum kinetic energy capability >1,200 kl
Percentage of boats stopped 99.25%
ASTM F2766-11 Kinetic Energy Level   Level C -D
Environment Extreme
Access control and monitoring           
Oil containment
Automatic marine gate  
Manual marine gate
Static defence barrier
Portable defensive barrier
Swimmers      ✔     
Small watercraft
Medium watercraft
Large watercraft

The TRITON SDB can be fully integrated with existing third-party port or offshore security barrier systems or other HALO waterside security solutions. 

TRITON SDB is available in customized colors for increased visibilility or environmental camoflaging