Floating hose equipment

Fendercare Marine has the ability to provide all equipment associated with floating hose operation, maintenance and management.

Fendercare Marine has a comprehensive range of floating hose equipment, including LNG, and all equipment is audited by the oil majors.

Fendercare Marine's floating hose equipment includes:

  • Floating hoses
  • Bolts and gaskets
  • Winker lights
  • Support buoys
  • Hose ancillary equipment such as lifting, snubbing and hang-off chains
  • Hose end valves
  • Documentation

Supply of spare parts

After any assembly / disassembly operation, we can supply missing parts in order to maintain mandatory stock at the shore base to support effective hose operations and to be in position to assemble/disassemble the offloading line upon request.

A full stock inventory would be carried out and a gap analysis carried out on the minimum spares required in line with industry guidelines.

Stock Management

Fendercare Marine is also in a position to control the management of stock. We can offer a fully inclusive service to maintain, control and evaluate stock levels, to ensure that operations are not delayed because of lack of equipment.

Fendercare Marine can produce procedures to cover all aspects of work to be conducted, including:

  • Hose disconnection and connection
  • Towing procedure
  • Hose disassembly and cleaning
  • OCIMF testing
  • HSE plan
  • Project plan
  • Hose storage
  • Hose database (if required)

To discuss your floating hose needs contact us today on 01508 482666.