Marine anchors, chain and rope

Fendercare Marine provides a range of high quality marine anchors, chains, ropes and fittings to suit customer requirements and operations.

Marine anchors

Fendercare Marine provides a comprehensive range of high quality marine anchors worldwide, from standard to high holding power as required. Our reliable and high quality anchors are certified by all major class authorities and extensively used by our global customer base.

Marine ropes and chains

Our marine ropes, chains and fittings are supplied in a number of different material and strength grades to suit specific requirements, for example ships equipment and buoy moorings to higher grades needed for heavy duty offshore operations.

All marine chains and fittings are manufactured to internationally agreed standards, with product integrity verified by all the major class societies, and either have a painted or galvanised finish as required.

Worldwide availability

Fendercare Marine provides a comprehensive range of marine products and services through its network of bases worldwide. We stock a diverse range of marine hardware including anchors, shackles, swivels, chains and fittings, available new, used and reconditioned.

 For further product technical information, visit the Fendercare Marine book.

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