Towtectors protective sleeves and towing shoes

Fendercare Marine supplies Towtectors - protective sleeves that deliver impact, abrasion and wear resistance to mooring wire rope.

The marine wire rope protectors, Towtectors, have been designed for use with steel wire ropes, operating from towing winches, giving maximum protection to the tow wire by preventing abrasion and chafe against bulwarks, towing rails and fairleads, while also providing protection to the vessel.

Towtector - the marine wire rope protector

The exceptional characteristics of the Towtector base material ensures an economical service life for the protector, whilst greatly reducing the likelihood of premature parting for the wire rope.

Made from an exceptionally hard wearing and resilient polyurethane material, which retains its flexibility, even at freezing temperatures, the Towtector marine wire rope protector is resistant to oils, ozone and seawater and has been proven in over twenty years of service from the North Sea to the South Pacific.

The Towtector products (A3-10044) are offered in two designs and are held by Fendercare Marine in strategic locations around the world.

Towtector towing sleeves

Rope sleeves are a one piece construction, supplied with a tapered end, are round in section and available in three types:

  • Standard – 122mm outside diameter (OD)
  • Heavy duty – 165mm OD
  • Extra heavy duty – 188mm OD

This form of protector is only suitable for fitting before the tow rope has been spliced. Current standard production covers rope diameters between 36mm and 76mm; standard and heavy duty available in 1, 2 and 3 metre lengths and extra heavy duty available in 1 and 2 metre lengths.

Towtector towing shoe

Rope shoes are a two part assembly, rectangular in section (230mm wide x 155mm deep). They are clamped to the rope with high-tensile bolts (their patented design ensuring there is no protruding hardware) and so can be retrofitted to tow ropes which have been spliced.

Current standard production covers rope diameters between 44mm and 76mm, available in 2 and 3 metre lengths.