Anchor line LBNO hooks

Fendercare Marine provides LBNO anchor line hooks, renowned for their ability to release a load remotely and in a controlled manner.

The anchor line LBNO hook was designed specifically for the marine industry and has demonstrated continued outstanding performance. A typical application would be the retrieval and re-deployment of anchors for civil engineering construction and pipelaying barges or semi-submersible drilling rigs and heavy lift/salvage vessels.

Anchor line LBNO hook (A3-10041)

Working load limits and typical dimensions:

Tonne  US ton Dimensions (mm) A Dimensions (mm) B Dimensions (mm) C
Dimensions (mm) D Approximate mass (kg)
13.6 15 38 57 343 32 8
18.1 20 40 70 343 32 12
22.7 25 51 86 438 38 22