Quick release disc towing hooks

Fendercare Marine supplies quick release disc type towing hooks which are common on vessels built and operating in Europe.

This quick release disc type towing hook is built around a counter balance disc shaped hook bill, which on releasing the tow is free to rotate, dissipating the energy of the tow line. The hook incorporates the required characteristics of all tow hooks, the ability for release whilst under full load, from multiple positions, both local and remote.

In addition to the standard build version, the hooks can carry various extras including the choice of powered release by pneumatic or hydraulic means. Inclusion of load cell pins can provide on-hook load information to the wheelhouse or other suitable monitoring location.

Quick release disc type towing hooks (A3-10046)

Typical dimensions:

Tonne A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm)
7 280 266 582 110
15 340 340 765 147
25 470 473 1058 190
45 470 483 1063 226
65 600 599 1352 262
100 650 670 1600 294