Quick release towing hooks

Fendercare Marine provides quick release towing hooks to enable ships to be towed safely under severe working conditions.

The quick release towing hooks have a quick release mechanism that allows the towing line to be instantaneously disengaged under full load to ensure the safety of the tug and personnel. This quick release disc type towing hook is built around a counter balance disc shaped hook bill, which on releasing the tow is free to rotate, dissipating the energy of the tow line.

The towing hooks can be released from the wheel house by pulling the release wire or by pushing a button. At full safe working load it is possible to release the towing hooks manually, requiring a load of approximately 15kg. Remote control systems can be supplied with either a hydraulic or pneumatic release mechanism. An accurate load monitoring system can also be incorporated into the towing hooks.

Quick release towing hook optional items:

  • Pneumatic remote control
  • Hydraulic remote control
  • Load monitoring
  • Rail track fixings
  • Bulk head mountings
  • Integrated capstan structures 

Quick release towing hooks features and benefits:

  • Simplicity of release
  • Release force is around 15kg
  • Wide horizontal and vertical ranges of movement in each hook, so the towing line remains inline with the vessel at all times
  • Supplied with an independent classification society certificate as specified by the customer
  • Solid state logic for remote control system
  • All remote control devices are completely integrated into the mooring assembly

Quick release towing hook load ratings and diameters:

Typical minimum diameter for a range of load ratings

Load (tonne) Diameter (mm)
5 28
10 35
20 48
50 70
100 96
200 130
500 200
1000 290

Quick release disc type towing hooks (A3-10046)

Typical dimensions:

Tonne A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm)
7 280 266 582 110
15 340 340 765 147
25 470 473 1058 190
45 470 483 1063 226
65 600 599 1352 262
100 650 670 1600 294