Offshore buoys

Fendercare Marine provides a wide range of offshore buoyancy solutions for applications in the demanding offshore environment.

Our flotation, buoyancy and fendering solutions can be customised with features such as high-density foam, ultra high-performance elastomer skin and Kevlar™ type reinforcement to enhance product durability, resulting in high performance buoys which are specifically designed to absorb impacts without either suffering or causing damage, making them the preferred choice for offshore operations.

We also design and manufacture a complete range of floatation and protection solutions for hoses, pipes, ropes, riser chain sleeves and many other applications.

Bespoke offshore protection case study:

In response to an FPSO operator off West Africa whose offloading hose was getting damaged when coming into contact with riser chain, we developed a moulded protection system which we are now supplying to other operators looking to minimise hose casualties and related downtime.

Chain support buoys

Fendercare Marine's standard range of chain support buoys go from a reserve buoyancy of 900kg up to 5500kg, but its flexible production process allows us to manufacture products to suit our customers’ exact buoyancy requirements.

We can supply chain support buoys configured with swivel eyes top and bottom or with a chain-through/ locking plate arrangement. We also offer pickup buoys with up to 750kg of reserve buoyancy.

Swivel-ended type buoy dimensions:

Type A float length
B overall length
C float diameter
Nominal weight
Nett buoyancy
Net buoyancy
HCSB-0900 1500 2120 1020 210 900 1980
HCSB-1815 1500 2120 1350 285 1815 3993
HCSB-2000 2000 2620 1250 330 2000 4400
HCSB-2270 2000 2620 1310 340 2270 4994
HCSB-2500 2000 2620 1370 355 2500 5500
HCSB-2750 2000 2620 1430 365 2750 6050
HCSB-3000 2000 2620 1485 375 3000 6600
HCSB-3630 2000 2620 1620 415 3630 7986
HCSB-4540 2000 2620 1810 485 4540 9988
HCSB-5454 2000 2620 1980 550 5454 11,999

For all chain support buoy configuration specifications, please download the flotation and buoyancy brochure.

Anchor pendant buoys

Whether configured as traditional suitcase-type with handling crucifix and pad-eye, a single-piece barrel buoy, a modular stacking buoy or as a modular donut-type unit configured for through-wire use, Fendercare Marine's anchor buoys are in service in some of the most demanding environments in the offshore sector.

Kevlar™ reinforcement can be fitted for heavy-duty applications and other variants of these products can be quoted upon customer request.

"Suitcase" / rectangular pendant buoys dimensions:

Product ref. Width (mm) Depth (mm) Overall height (mm) Total weight (kg) Nett buoyancy (kg)
APB-01000 1300 1100 1950 310 1000
APB-02000 1520 1320 2200 470 2000
APB-03000 1800 1600 2200 550 3000
APB-04000 2100 1760 2200 630 4000
APB-05000 2000 1600 3245 1080 5000
APB-10000 2300 2030 3900 1800 10,000
APB-20000 3200 2500 4350 3200 20,000

For all anchor pendant buoy configuration specifications, please download the flotation and buoyancy brochure.

Bespoke offshore flotation and protection solutions

Besides the ranges of commonly-requested buoys listed within this section, we also design and manufacture a complete range of oats for hoses, pipes, ropes and many other applications.

For rope use, we have single and double hawser designs, all manufactured from the same combination of extremely durable, high-visibility, self-fendering materials as our ranges of buoys and fenders. These can easily be tailored to guarantee a specific amount of buoyancy.

Within the hose market, we are able to offer floating Y-pieces and reducers in either standard or bespoke configurations. We also design and supply hose floats. For pipeline installation work, we offer pipelaying flotation modules, more details of which can be found in the subsurface buoyancy section of this publication.