Floating hose services

Fendercare Marine ensures the reliability and safe life extension of your marine hoses, offering a complete onshore and offshore floating hose maintenance, inspection and storage service.

As an experienced service provider, Fendercare Marine provides comprehensive hose operation, maintenance and management solution, as a single source supplier. We can provide complete floating and subsea hose management including hose string assembly, installation and disassembly of old hoses.

We also provide a full inspection and requalification service for all floating hoses, together with repair and refurbishment works, long-term storage and the procurement of replacement equipment. All services and tests are carried out in accordance with the OCIMF "guidelines for the handling, storage, inspection and testing of hoses in the field", edition 1995, and manufacturer's recommendations.

Marine floating hose services include:

  • Main hose string change out
  • Full hose change-outs including new string assembly where applicable and leak tests
  • Assembly of the floating hoses string on completion of the OCIMF testing where required
  • Assembly and disassembly operations
  • Hose length calculation and modelling
  • Emergency response / change out / repair works as required
  • Supply of all equipment required for assembly and disassembly of the floating hose strings and hose testing

We can also provide dedicated steel racks for hose storage providing protection against sunlight (U/V) in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. This includes ensuring ancillary equipment relative to the offloading line (bolts, nuts, floats, chains, spools, etc.) are adequately stored and in good working condition.

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