Floating hose storage

Fendercare Marine provides safe storage to protect your marine hoses in accordance with OCIMF and manufacturer's guidelines.

Marine hose life in storage may be affected by temperature, humidity, ozone, sunlight, oils, solvents corrosive liquids and vapours, insects and rodents.

Hoses should be stored on steel framed pallets in accordance with OCIMF guidelines and stored in a dark, if possible dry area. Where closed storage is not possible, hoses should be covered to protect them from sunlight.

Our steel frame pallets enable hoses to be stored about three meters high which, in addition to reducing the area required for storage, eliminates any damage or distortion which might result if stored directly on the ground. Pallets facilitate examination and make markings easily accessible for checking. They also help to protect against insect and rodent attacks as the hoses are off the ground.

Fendercare Marine can also provide dedicated steel racks for hose storage providing protection against sunlight (U/V) in accordance with manufactures guidelines. This also includes ensuring ancillary equipment relative to the offloading line (bolts, nuts, floats, chains, spools, etc.) are adequately stored and in good working condition.

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