Fuels infrastructure services

Fendercare Marine provides a range of specialist services and products to assist in the construction, maintenance and safe operation of pipelines and associated facilities.

With a worldwide network of bases, we are ideally placed to supply equipment and provide support in many of the world's oil and gas producing regions.

We provide cost effective solutions for the lining of bunds. This service is project specific with the type of linings and detail of each solution depending on the requirement.

We design and manufacture bespoke fuel handling systems for use in remote locations. Our systems reduce fuel transfer time, maintenance time and cost and almost eliminate the chances of a fuel spillage.

We offer a comprehensive range of non-destructive testing and inspection services. These include Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Penetrant Testing (PT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiographic Testing (RT) and Visual Testing (VT).

We supply specialist equipment for tackling marine pollution. We also provide maintenance packages for Mar-Pol equipment such as Desmi Ro-clean boom and skimmer systems.

We provide a range of pipeline services including coatings, pigging and valve, pumping, metering and filtrations systems. Our range of coatings protect external pipeline surfaces from corrosion. Utility pigs are available to allow operators to carry out the following operations: separation and batching, gauging, product, debris and wax removal, general cleaning and product separation. Experienced field personnel and project management are supplied for the maintenance and refurbishment of pipelines, including new build projects and modifications

We offer a range of pressure testing services on tank and storage installations, overland and subsea fuel lines. We also carry out visual, pressure and vacuum testing of floating hose strings.

We offer a specialist maintenance service on SPM fuel systems, seal replacement, internal and external coatings, hoses, valves and subsea inspections with divers and ROVs. We also offer pressure testing and MPDU refurbishment.

We offer a complete tank service including cleaning, inspection, repairs, and linings and coatings. Tank cleaning is carried out prior to testing or lining or for general maintenance. We manage an extensive programme of tank inspections for many clients, either on a routine basis or following repairs or failures, using non-destructive test methods along with vacuum box testing.

Fendercare Marine carries out projects for the repair and return to service of tanks needing repairs to their structure. Our linings and coatings can be tailored to the specific requirements of the customer. Our trained application teams work to the highest industry standards.