Surface preparation and anti-fouling

Fendercare Marine's surface preparation service, Blastgreen, provides a cost-effective solution for high performance blasting and cleaning.

Our wet blast cleaning machines remove almost any substance from any surface without the use of chemicals or toxic abrasives and are ideal for a wide variety of applications, giving total flexibility for cleaning almost any surface.

Blastgreen surface preparation

The Blastgreen machines use a combination of water and natural, environmentally friendly media called Olivine and Garnet, delivered at pressures as low as 2.5 bar and  can be used to clean a variety of materials, including glass reinforced plastic (GRP), metals, concrete, brick, all types of stone and wood.

Our Blastgreen wet blasting equipment can support surface preparation and cleaning requirements in a wide range of industries and applications:

  • Offshore
  • Racetracks
  • Ship cleaning and anti-foul removal
  • Concrete companies
  • White line removal
  • Building restoration
  • Engineering
  • Zoos
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Fire and flood damage

To arrange a surface preparation demonstration, or to find out more, contact us at +44 1508 482691 or email us

Fendercare Marine has wet blast surface preparation equipment for a wide range of equipment types.

Blastgreen equipment type Description
Bg100c The bg100c is renowned for its reliability due to the compact and versatile Kaeser M57 'utility' diesel air compressor, featuring a 100 litre blast pot and twin lightweight 250 litre tough polyethylene water storage tanks. With the ability to operate between six - seven hours without requiring additional water, the bg100c is a valuable asset to any blasting operation.
Bg 100cpc A specifically designed unit aimed to achieve a powerful wet blast with maximum portability. The compact, powder coated, steel cage frame design allows the bg100cpc to be manoeuvred to almost any required location and the unique, simple to operate, stainless steel control box offers variable pressure controls, blasting, wash down and air-blast features all as standard.
 Bg 200cpc Specifically designed for maximum portability and for powerful wet blast cleaning. The compact, powder coated steel cage frame design allows the Bg200cpc to be manoeuvred to almost any required location and the unique, simple to operate stainless steel control box offers variable pressure controls, blasting, wash down and air-blast.
features all as standard.
 Bg 200ocu offshore containerised unit The Blastgreen Bg200ocu is tough, efficient, simple to operate and built to the requirements of Zone 1, ATEX whilst providing unrivalled precision and surface preparation to SA2.5.

The offshore containerised unit has been specifically designed to withstand the worst rigours of the offshore industry, providing self-contained wet blasting for maintenance work on structures and vessels, above or below the water.

 Bg 100s  The Blastgreen Bg100s (Skid) has been designed to fit in the back of a pick-up truck or van. The machine requires a separate air compressor (min. 185 cfm) and water supply. The Bg100s units offer great value and a high degree of blasting flexibility to any business. This machine is capable of operating with between 20 and 100 metres of blast hose depending on the compressor size.
Closed loop wash down unit  This bespoke-built wash down unit recycles water from jet wash cleaning operations, significantly reducing water consumption and the environmental impact caused by heavy metals in anti-foul paints and other such pollutants, including hydrocarbons.


Blastgreen surface preparation demonstration. 


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