James Fisher and Sons plc 2016 financial report

Fendercare Marine’s parent company, James Fisher and Sons plc, has released its annual report outlining figures for 2016.

Performance for the group in the last 12 months has shown strong progression, reflecting the continued resilience of its business model across the marine sector and international markets. 

Business in the marine sector of which Fendercare is a part of, shows continued business growth. The following details have been highlighted in the report.

James Fisher marine sector results:

  • Fendercare remains as the leading provider for Ship-to-Ship services and pneumatic fender supply
  • Revenue has increased by £10.6m since 2015 to total £203.6m for 2016
  • Underlying operating profit increased to £21m in 2016 from £19.4m in 2015

For more information please see the full financial report.