Celebrating 20 years of ship-to-ship transfers

As one of the world's foremost suppliers of marine products and services, Fendercare Marine is celebrating 20 years of successful and safe ship-to-ship transfers.

Fendercare Marine's Ship-to-Ship transfer operations have grown significantly since 1995 as clients have recognised the trading opportunities and logistical benefits of being able to transfer cargoes at any time and almost anywhere.

Elizabeth Skinner, Fendercare Marine operations director says:

"Our strategy today remains true to our original aims. When a customer identifies a regular requirement for STS, we will endeavour to identify a safe location, establish a base and provide the high standards of expertise, equipment and support for which we are well known."

"The rapid growth in STS operations carried out worldwide demonstrates Fendercare Marine's professional performance in carrying out these operations and reflects the trust placed in our STS superintendents by the world's leading oil majors in protecting their valuable assets."

Elizabeth adds.