Improved flange design reduces down time and increase safety

As the world’s leading provider of marine equipment, Fendercare Marine is one of the first to supply Yokohama Rubber’s newly developed flange opening design, which facilitates cost effective inspection and maintenance of safety valves.

The safety valves fitted on pneumatic fenders are designed to release air from inside the fender, preventing rupture when internal pressure becomes excessive.

Inspection on conventional safety valves has previously been a highly invasive process especially when working on hydro-pneumatic fenders, requiring a crane to assist, which removes the safety valve together with its flange opening.

To significantly reduce downtime and maintenance costs, Yokohama Rubber have developed a flange structured so that air passage between the fender's body and the flange opening can be blocked by manually closing the valve, thus ensuring the fender body remains airtight.

Fendercare Marine has supported the supply of quality Yokohama marine products for almost 30 years, and are dedicated to ensuring customers have access to the latest innovations in marine products.