Fendercare Marine stocks world’s largest floating fender

A long standing relationship with Yokohama Rubber ensures that Fendercare Marine’s customers are able to purchase the world’s largest floating pneumatic rubber fender.

The new fender is expected to be used for enhancing vessel safety with the purpose of preventing damage to the hull and the quay wall during ship-to-ship operations or during mooring.

With a diameter of six meters, the ultra-large fender is designed to be used during offshore construction work and offshore cargo transfer operations of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from LNG-FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading system) to LNG tankers and are also suitable for port projects that may require a larger standoff from the quayside.

Yokohama’s ultra-large fender is designed to increase the safety of offloading operations by enabling the FPSO and tanker to maintain a greater distance apart than that with previous models.

Since Yokohama’s launch in 1958, pneumatic fender and marine hoses have become essential for at-sea ship-to-ship transfers of crude oil, LPG, and other crucial cargo.




Nominal dimension (outer diameter x length)

φ6.0m x 11.0m

Weight of fender body with a chain and tyre cage

Approx. 17000kgs 

Initial internal pressure

70 kPa

GEA deflection

50 +/-5 %

Guaranteed Energy Absorption (GAE)

6347 kN-m

Reaction force at GEA Deflection

5988 kN

Hull pressure at GEA Deflection

123 kPa

Minimum endurable pressure

490 kPa