Watch a selection of Fendercare Marine videos below for an insight into the industry-leading products and services available worldwide.


Our capabilities

A visual demonstration of Fendercare Marine's capabilities as a global products and services provider.


Ship-to-Ship operations

Fendercare Marine has been a global provider of ship-to-ship services since 1995, highlighted in this video is a typical floating hose transfer executed by our team of experienced marine professionals.


Diving services

Find out how Fendercare Marine maintains a world-class reputation for diving services, meeting the evolving needs of the industry through innovative products and techniques.


Blastgreen demonstration

See real results from the widely-used Blastgreen wet blast equipment, an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to pressure washing.  


Wet blast cleaning equipment

Gain an insight into Blastgreen's modern wet blast cleaning equipment, these versatile products are made in the United Kingdom and can be used in a variety of applications.

Delivering LNG Ship-to-Ship solutions

With a track record of successful LNG Ship-to-Ship operations, Fendercare Marine provides a range of STS services for projects around the world.