Published on April 17, 2017

Fendercare Marine successfully extends contract with one of the world’s busiest ports

The port authority needed to implement cost effective improvements to its harbour towing operations. After extensive trialling, Fendercare Marine has been awarded the Asia Pacific contract to supply Gleistein Dyneema towing grommets.

Gleistein products are renowned for their high quality performance attributes. The grommets for this Asia Pacific contract have been designed, configured and manufactured to order to meet the port authority’s specific towing requirements. 

As an arrangement with the port, Fendercare agreed to provide port authorities with expert onsite advice and technical support as required.

Fendercare’s senior business development manager in Singapore, David Joseph stated that the continued success of this relationship illustrates the benefit of close cooperation between Fendercare and its partner Gleistein – a global leader in rope technology.

‘We are optimistic that the experience we have gained here can be shared with other progressive port operators to help streamline their operations.’ he says.