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LNG Ship-to-Ship transfers

LNG Ship-to-Ship

With a track record of successful LNG Ship-to-Ship (STS) operations, Fendercare Marine provides a range of STS services for projects around the world.

As greater quantities of LNG are being shipped and countries move further towards cleaner fuels, Fendercare Marine has developed its capability to support LNG projects worldwide, protecting your high value assets with its exemplary safety record.

Our LNG STS solutions allow customers to:

  • Have an opportunity to break bulk
  • Maximise trading routes and cargo flows
  • Gas up and cool down – saving on port costs
  • Access to emergency STS response and contingency

Amongst our achievements, we conducted the very first LNG STS operations in the open sea with two of the worlds largest gas majors.

Fendercare Marine's LNG Ship-to-Ship transfer capabilities include:

  • Yokohama primary and secondary fenders 
  • Manifold to Manifold LNG Transfer System
  • Highly qualified and experienced LNG STS superintendents
  • Support craft to rig/unrig STS equipment
  • Tug supply and management (where required) to assist with berthing/unberthing and to provide guard tug duties
  • All necessary STS licences and permissions
  • Bespoke LNG simulator training utilising state of the art equipment
  • Industry compliant procedures
  • Operation specific risk assessments
  • Compatibility assessment / fender mooring arrangement
  • Technical marine support
  • 24/7 operation co-ordination
  • OPTIMOOR study 

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