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Ship-to-Ship capabilities

Ship-to-ship capabilities

Fendercare Marine provides safe, flexible and highly efficient Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfer services to the world's oil and gas industries.

Operating from a global network of over 50 strategically located bases, we have the resource and flexibility to respond to market demands, carrying out thousands of transfers globally each year.

Fendercare Marine's STS capabilities include:

  • Fully equipped bases with all the necessary hoses, fenders and ancillary equipment
  • Over 80 highly experienced STS superintendents ready at a moment's notice
  • Support craft to rig/unrig STS equipment
  • STS licences and permissions (where required)
  • Industry compliant procedures
  • Technical Marine Assurance support
  • Team of coordinators providing 24/7 cover for scheduled and emergency transfers 


Fendercare Marine equipment is certified to the highest standards and is stored, tested and utilised in accordance with individual manufacturer's guidelines as well as the ‘STS Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases’ to ensure readiness for your operations at all times.

Fendercare only use genuine Yokohama pneumatic primary and secondary fenders, the best in the business, complete with Fendercare chain and tyre nets. Yokohama fenders are certified to ISO 17357.

Yokohama STS hoses are utilised for petroleum cargos are handled, stored, tested and utilised in accordance with BS EN 1765 and BS 1435-2.

Support craft

The support craft used in support of our STS operations are in Class and fully compliant with international and local regulations and certification.

Before being utilised for STS operations support craft undergo our rigorous due diligence assessment, and are routinely assessed to ensure ongoing compliance as part of our Quality Management System.

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