Ship-to-Ship pilotage

long-term and ad hoc contracts

Ship-to-Ship pilotage

Fendercare Marine’s team of highly experienced and qualified STS superintendents are available worldwide to support your pilotage requirements. 

Fendercare holds long-term and ad hoc contracts for supporting FPSOs, FSO and tanker loading and offloading operations. 

STS superintendents

With the largest pool of highly qualified and experienced STS superintendents worldwide, we ensure that operations are delivered safely and to the highest standards.

We provide full simulator training, including full mission bridge simulation, with the capability to programme almost any scenario by altering the weather, types of vessels used and entering specific locations. Emergency separation procedures are well rehearsed.

Contracts are structured to suit the needs of our customer’s requirements, based on the type and frequency of berthing, and the size of vessels involved. 

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