Published on July 31, 2019

Fendering the world’s largest heavy lift vessel

SembCorp Marine approached Fendercare Marine for high quality protective equipment for the world’s largest heavy lift vessel

SembCorp Marine is building a new-generation self-propelled, semi-submersible crane vessel for Netherlands-based Heerema Offshore Services. At 220m long, 102m wide, and nearly 50m deep which weighs nearly 275,000 tonnes, the vessel, named Sleipnir, is expected to be the largest semi-submersible crane vessel in the world.

The vessel will be used to aid the installation and removal of subsea equipment, decommissioning services and heavy lifting operations at offshore oil and gas sites worldwide.To help protect SembCorp Marine’s vessel, Fendercare Marine was approached to supply large and high quality protective equipment to reduce the risk of damage during operations.

After many hours in technical discussions with Heerema and SembCorp over a period of two years, the Fendercare Marine team was able to provide floating fenders offering enhanced durability and protection (six Yokohama pneumatic fenders each 4.5 x 9m in size) plus bespoke aircraft tyre nets, shackles and connectors strong enough to withstand harsh offshore conditions.

The team also designed and supplied bespoke cradles from scratch to secure the fenders onboard, which fitted the specific customer brief to be stackable to avoid cluttering deck space when not in use.

Fendercare’s regional business development manager, Charmaine Wong-Beardsworth says:

‘Because this vessel is the first of its kind, there were many unique requirements for our engineering team to consider. We won this contract on the back of our good relationship with SembCorp and we are immensely proud to have been a part of this two-year journey with their team. We look forward to cooperating again on further projects in the near future.’