Maximise your LNG cargoes and portfolios with JF Fendercare – your expert ship-to-ship transfer partner

Our LNG STS solutions allow customers to:

  • Break bulk
  • Maximise trading routes and cargo flows
  • Gas up and cool down – saving on port costs
  • Access emergency STS response


Helping you to maximise your liquified natural gas (LNG) cargoes and portfolios, James Fisher Fendercare (JF Fendercare) has the global capability to deliver safe and efficient LNG ship-to-ship (STS) solutions.

Utilising our market-leading services, specialist equipment and the expertise of our teams, we deliver world-class STS transfer services 24/7 and have the largest global network of approved LNG STS locations to meet your needs.

We're the partner you can trust to deliver, wherever you need

We are the industry-leading global LNG STS provider. From concept to delivery, we deliver seamless project implementation.

How we will add value to your operations:

  • A full LNG STS capability, including strategically located LNG transfer systems
  • The largest global pool of highly experienced LNG POACs (person in overall advisory control) and STS superintendents available
  • The largest global network of LNG approved STS locations
  • Approved by the world’s leading energy companies, traders and vessel owners
STS in progress

Protecting people and assets across oceans

JF Fendercare is dedicated to the safe and seamless execution of LNG STS operations.

Our safety measures:

  • Technical assurance
  • A 24/7 co-ordination team
  • Experienced personnel in all roles, trained with bespoke simulators 
  • Hazard identification (HAZID)
  • Bespoke fender mooring and vessel mooring system
  • Tug supply and management 


What we offer:

We supply all equipment for transfers, including fenders and LNG transfer systems. We provide POACs and LNG STS superintendents, and we are always properly licensed and fully compliant with regulations. We always complete the pre-operation due diligence including dynamic mooring analysis (OPTIMOOR) and compatibility assessments to the highest standard. We also offer our customers full coordination and marine technical support.

Our specialised LNG STS transfers systems

JF Fendercare owns and operates specialised LNG transfer systems. These systems utilise market-leading technology to deliver safe and reliable STS solutions that ensure optimum results for our customers.

Our LNG transfer systems are highly portable and universal. They are strategically stationed around the world and are adaptable for various transfer applications.

The systems feature a pneumatic-hydraulic power unit which powers dry breakaway couplings, allowing for remote shut down in the event of emergencies.

Our LNG STS systems include:

  • Specialised cryogenic hoses
  • Emergency release couplings
  • Saddles with fall arrest
  • Pneumatic-hydraulic power unit
  • Vessel separation detector
  • Reducers
Fendercare Marine has conducted ship-to-ship (STS) transfers of liquified natural gas (LNG) for one of the global leading energy companies.

Our extensive LNG STS experience

Our expertise in the LNG industry enables us to understand customer requirements, allowing JF Fendercare to provide tailored strategic solutions maximising LNG cargo deliveries.

We’ve supported the growth of the LNG industry for over a decade, supporting over 50 percent of floating LNG projects globally.

In 2022, we successfully transferred more than 800,000m³ of LNG and were responsible for conducting the first LNG STS transfers in Brazil and Greece, and the first at Victoria Bay, Labuan, Malaysia.

  • Since our first LNG STS in 2010 we have performed hundreds of successful transfers to support the growth of the industry
  • Through our extensive marine solutions and expertise, we’ve supported over 50 percent of floating LNG projects globally
  • Delivered a number of global LNG STS firsts, including:
    • First open sea LNG STS for some of the world’s largest energy companies
    • Delivered the first LNG STS operations at many new locations, including Brazil, Greece, Cyprus, Gibraltar and Victoria Bay, Malaysia
    • Performed the world’s first LNG STS with one vessel moored to a submerged turret loading buoy

Our LNG success stories


LNG STS in the Eastern Med

Fendercare provided specialist liquefied natural gas (LNG) ship-to-ship (STS) support services to the Eastern Mediterranean.

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