Our quayside equipment, fendering, and mooring solutions help ensure safe and efficient port and terminal operations.

As a global market leader in high-quality marine products, James Fisher Fendercare (JF Fendercare) provides a range of quayside equipment and mooring solutions, including bespoke fixed fender systems designed by our in-house technical team.

With a focus on safety and performance, our high-quality quayside equipment delivers the durability and versatility to protect your port and terminal quay needs.

Bespoke design solutions

Our in-house design capabilities for fixed fenders and bollards ensures they're engineered to be the best-fit solution for you, providing peace of mind with full class-approval. Contact our project engineers if you have a requirement that falls outside international standard designs.

We also provide a wide range of deck, marine fender, and mooring solutions to support your berthing and mooring needs.

JF Fendercare's quayside solutions

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