Mooring, deck equipment and fendering solutions for the world's navies.

James Fisher Fendercare (JF Fendercare) understands the precise requirements of the naval sector, developing marine products specifically for naval operations, which have been put through extensive trials.

We offer a range of specialised marine products and services to meet the exacting requirements of the world’s navies and the global defence market.

Our naval solutions include ship-to-quay, on-board and submarine berthing, to high-quality deck and jetty equipment and are class-approved by the world’s leading independent inspection bodies.

Trusted by navies across the world

We're a trusted and preferred supplier of high-quality marine products, having worked with the majority of the world's navies. Known for our non-marking pneumatic fenders, we're also able to provide a single source solution, offering a range of high-quality marine products and services to the defence industry.

Yokohama Fenders Portsmouth

Specialised navy fenders

JF Fendercare offers fenders designed for naval use. This includes non-marking fenders for naval operations, and submarine fenders.

We developed the lightweight grey navy fender in close cooperation with Yokohama, following extensive trials and input from the UK Royal Navy. The lightweight fenders have a grey rubber outer skin to ensure no marking of naval vessels, or other vessels with non-marking requirements, and comes with a non-magnetic metal mouthpiece at both ends.

Submarine fenders

As the trusted solution for submarine berthing, hydro-pneumatic fenders are extensively used by navies across the world.

To maintain their position hydro-pneumatic fenders are deployed vertically and are water ballasted to suit the hull shape and freeboard. A counterweight is attached to the fender’s base for stability, of which the weight, shape and method of can be adjusted to suit specific requirements.

Our naval success stories

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Fendering solutions for US Navy

In September 2012, Fendercare was awarded a five year contract worth up to $25 million to supply Yokohama hydropneumatic fendering to the US Navy.

Our naval success stories

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Fender support for NATO vessels

In September 2014, Fendercare provided fendering support to a flotilla of NATO warships in the Port of Cardiff during the NATO summit.

In August 2013 Fendercare Marine was awarded a contract to supply two mooring buoy systems to be situated off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Our naval success stories

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Mooring buoys for French Navy

Fendercare’s modern mooring buoys reduce maintenance costs and improve safety.

Our shared purpose and valued behaviours are the key contributors to our success.
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