Our high-quality surface and subsurface buoys are available in a range of specifications. We also offer bespoke mooring solutions to suit your marine and offshore operations.

James Fisher Fendercare provides marine buoyancy solutions suitable for suspended moorings, equipment and infrastructure installations and other general offshore applications.

Robust and reliable, our modular polyform and steel buoys can be assembled to suit your specific requirements, or our expert team can develop bespoke solutions to your buoyancy requirements. 

Fabricated steel admiralty pattern mooring buoys

Fabricated from 8mm steel plate and constructed with watertight compartments (2 for 5th and 6th Class and 4 for the remainder) each with a manway and drain plug. Admiralty pattern mooring buoys are finished with rubber or timber fendering and life chains. 

The central open hawse pipe, with reinforced collars at each end, allows for a large diameter riser chain to be lead through the buoy, ensuring all loads are transmitted directly to the mooring itself and not to the buoy. 

Do you have a specific buoyancy requirement? Contact us now to find out how we can help.