We offer high-quality anchor and mooring chains with the strength and reliability for a range of marine applications.

James Fisher Fendercare offers stud link anchors and mooring chains and fittings which are manufactured to internationally agreed standards, with product integrity verified by all the major class societies.

We can provide chains according to your specifications of size and length, with either a painted or galvanised finish as required.

Stud link chain is available in sizes from 12.5mm diameter to in excess of 120mm and are supplied in a number of different material grades, with grade two and three being the most common for ships’ equipment and buoy moorings, while other grades such as ORQ and R4 have applications within the offshore industry.

JF Fendercare provides open link chain for a variety of marine applications, including lifting, and as part of a fendering system, and is available in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs and with either a self coloured, black bitumastic painted or galvanised finish.

Chain fittings

  • D-end shackles - available in a range of sizes to suit various offshore applications as required, for both temporary and permanent moorings.
  • Jaw and Jaw swivels – help reduce rotation for mooring line tensioning and to help reduce rotation. The jaw swivels are also suitable for frequent rotation under load.
  • Kenter joining link - a simple connecting link that’s the most frequently used connector for mooring lines where the terminations are the same dimensions. Not typically used in permanent mooring installations.
  • Pear-shaped anchor link - a common connector used to link two mooring lines with terminations that have different dimensions. Not used in permanent mooring systems.
  • Swivel forerunner - bow and eye swivels help to relieve any twist and torque on the mooring line of vessels of offshore floating assets.
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