Our marine hooks safely facilitate lifting and handling operations.

James Fisher Fendercare’s marine hooks are designed to perform in the challenging marine and offshore environments in a wide range of lifting and handling applications. 

From robust Pelican and anchor line hooks for chain and wire, to manual release Ram and Sea Catch hooks that safely enable release under load in a controlled manner. 

Our range of marine hooks

Fendercare provides LBNO anchor line hooks, renowned for their ability to release a load remotely and in a controlled manner.

The anchor line LBNO hook was designed specifically for the marine industry and has demonstrated continued outstanding performance. A typical application is the retrieval and re-deployment of anchors for civil engineering construction and pipelaying barges or semi-submersible drilling rigs and heavy lift/salvage vessels.

Pelican hooks are simple yet robust marine hooks designed for use with chain and wire for rigging operations

Ram hooks are an alloy steel hook with high corrosion resistance and are designed for manual quick release under loaded conditions.

JF Fendercare supplies Sea Catch quick release hooks as a cost-effective, remote manual release mechanism, available for a range of applications.

The Sea Catch quick release hook is an economically priced, compact, purpose-built range, designed specifically for remote, manual release under full load with minimal effort.

Sea Catch quick release hooks features and benefits:

  • Low friction, low effort lanyard release at full load
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Perpendicular or parallel release directions
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hitch-pin lock for device locking safety
  • No springs

Sea Catch products are widely used and trusted worldwide as the simplest and innovative quick release hooks available. Sea Catch uses the proven toggle linkage principle to both lock and release lines or objects under load. Models range from 0.59 to 69.96 tonne capacity.

Our range of Sea Catch products include:

  • Sea Catch Air-activated units
  • Sea Catch Hydraulic-activated units
  • Sea Catch M series
  • Sea Catch Spring safety pin
  • Sea Catch Squib-fired units
  • Sea Catch TR7RL
  • Sea Catch TR15DM
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