We understand the critical nature mooring bollards play in berthing vessels safely, offering high-quality bollards to suit your application.

Designed to handle heavy loads and forces, James Fisher Fendercare’s (JF Fendercare) selection of quayside mooring bollards are a simple and cost-effective method of enabling safe vessel berthing, which is critical to ensuring the on-going protection of port and terminal personnel and infrastructure.

Our mooring bollards are manufactured using premium grade materials, offering high resistance to corrosion and impact, delivering a safe solution to mooring and anchoring operations.

Bespoke design solutions

We can also design and produce bespoke mooring bollard solutions for specific applications. Our team of expert project engineers will be happy to work with you to develop high-quality solutions that meet your requirements.

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Cleat bollards, also known as horn cleats, are designed for marinas and smaller workboat berths to safely anchor vessels and prevent lines from slipping. They handle smaller load capacities than other mooring bollards, but offer flexibility in line attachment and their versatility is ideal for multi-use docks and wharves. They can also be mounted on vessel decks.

Our cleat bollards are built by world-renowned metalworkers, and are available in a range of sizes. They can be customised to your specifications and needs.

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Horn bollards safely handle steeper line angles and high loads due to high tidal ranges, as well as handling multiple mooring lines, depending on their capacity. The horn bollard is ideal for larger vessels due to its high-holding power. The horn bollard comes with a standard D base.


Twin bollards

Pillar bollards are ideal for general use and where there’s low tidal range. They can support a wide range of mooring line angles and are suitable for warping operations where vessels need to be moved in the harbour or dock. They’re available from 10T to 200T.

Pillar bollards

The tee-head bollard is a general-purpose mooring bollard suitable for a wide range of mooring line capacities, making them ideal for multi-use facilities. It’s also the most popular mooring bollard design due to it versatility.

Tee head bollards

The Triton bollard represents the new generation of mooring bollards. Through the utilisation of FEA and physical testing, we have been able to optimise the design of the bollard to meet the strength requirements of the market.

Triton bollards

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