JF Fendercare supplies premium Mooreast anchors for short and long-term hire to suit your project needs.

Mooreast’s specialised offshore anchors are proven to safeguard your people and assets, delivering superior value and cost-effectiveness over their lifetimes.

Our heavyweight Mooreast anchors are deployable in a wide spectrum of seabed mediums to support offshore and deepwater operations, protecting vessels and other offshore floating assets by ensuring continued safe mooring.

Having a significant holding power to weight ratio, Mooreast offshore anchors are suitable for a wide range of applications including semi-submersible rigs, permanent mooring installations and floating wind turbine projects. These anchors are designed to perform in soft clay, hard soils, dense sands as well as coral.

We have the scale and flexibility to support all your requirements and can provide Mooreast anchors for sale or hire, depending on your offshore project needs.

Benefits of Mooreast anchor hire:

  • Cost-effective option
  • No storage or maintenance costs
  • Try before you buy

Our team of specialists can also provide technical assitance to help select the most effect offshore anchor based on seabed soil condition reports.

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Helping to protect your people and assets across oceans

Mooreast’s offshore anchors: MA5 series

The MA5 offshore anchors are designed to perform in soft clay, hard soils, dense sands and coral. The MA5’s are drag anchors, which are designed to lodge into the seabed and withstand large amounts of horizontal force.

Key features include:

  • Anchor heads are designed for regular anchor handling
  • Strong flukes are designed to take heavy loads
  • Fast penetration generates holding capacity quickly
  • Adjustable fluke/shank angle to suit varying soil conditions
  • Shark-like teeth on anchor shank for better penetration on hard soils
  • Design approval from the major classification societies

For more information on our Mooreast anchors, contact one of our specialists to see how we can help.

MA5P anchor

The MA5P anchors are general purpose anchors designed to perform in a variety of seabed types.

MA5S anchor

The MA5S anchors are the hard soil variant of the MA5 anchors. They are specialised for tougher seabed terrain.