Providing CALM buoy services for Chevron Nigeria

In early 2013, Fendercare Nigeria was awarded the contract to inspect, refurbish and commission the Escravos Gas To Liquids (EGTL) CALM buoy and PLEM.

The EGTL CALM Buoy and PLEM were originally built for Chevron in 2006. The Buoy and PLEM had been stored on a quayside since 2007 with little to no preservation work carried out.

Part of Fendercare Nigeria’s workscope was to inspect all the existing systems which included the coating system, hydraulic and electrical system, surge relief system, water tight integrity, main roller bearing, lifting points and lifting equipment plus all ancillary equipment. A full project execution plan detailed the work to be carried out and the equipment to be replaced in the event of failure.

The Buoys commissioning was executed under the supervision of ABS who was the Classification Society and Chevron Nigeria Limited.

Services provided:

CALM buoy

  • Removal and calibration of mooring bridle load pin
  • Inspection, certification and overhaul of all lifting equipment and lifting points
  • MRB Grease displacement and grease analysis
  • Seal replacement and repair for all compartment access points
  • Water barrage inspection and foam replacement
  • MRB bolt pre-tensioning
  • Mechanical completion of all systems
  • Repair and replacement of navigation aids skid including load pin interface
  • Navigations skid function test and commissioning
  • Function test of CALM Buoy valves
  • CALM Buoy pipework leak test
  • Rotation test of CALM Buoy turntable with and without pressure
  • Commissioning of CALM Buoy hydraulics system including
    replacement of key components
  • Supply and replacement of CALM Buoy expansion joints
  • Removal and recertification of CALM Buoy surge valve
  • Function test of CALM Buoy anti surge system
  • Full coating repair
  • ABS inspection and function test of all systems as per Class


  • Function test of all PLEM valves
  • Disassembly of PLEM for valve overhaul
  • Reassembly of PLEM with new valves
  • Complete bolt tensioning
  • Leak test of PLEM pipework
  • Full hydraulic system pressure test including umbilical flushing
  • Hydraulic system function test
  • Anode replacement
  • Coating repair
  • ABS Inspection

CALM buoy moorings

  • CVI of CALM Buoy moorings and anchor piles in line with Class requirements
  • CVI and GVI of CALM Buoy tanker chafe chain, CALM Buoy mooring bridle and hawser in line with Class requirements

Floating hose

  • Assembly of Parker ITR floating hoses
  • Leak test of floating hoses
  • Preparation for towing

Benefits delivered

  • Full project management service supplied
  • All works carried out to industry guidelines
  • CALM Buoy & PLEM restored to excellent working condition
  • Deployment of Fendercare Nigeria team using local workforce