Fendercare provided the US Navy with fendering solutions

In September 2012, Fendercare was awarded a five year contract worth up to $25 million to supply Yokohama hydro-pneumatic fendering to the US Navy.

The contract is expected to be completed by 2017, with the work being undertaken utilising Fendercare’s worldwide network of bases.

Services provided:

  • Supplying US Navy with products from ship-to-quay, on-board and submarine berthing solutions
  • Providing ISO 17357 Yokohama hydropneumatic fenders
  • Assisting associated US Navy installation, support, shipping and travel

Benefits delivered:

  • Meeting extremely stringent technical requirements set by
  • Provision of high quality fender products with zero defects
  • Service-led approach
Fendercare has been the world leader in providing certified ISO 17357 hydropneumatic fenders to the US Navy for the past 15 years. To date, we have had zero defects with fenders provided through Fendercare and they have been a vital part of assuring our US submarine fleet’s mooring capabilities continue positively throughout the world.
Louis J. DiStefano, US Navy mooring and fendering expert