Working in partnership with Dantec to optimise Ship-to-Ship (STS) hose life

The handling, deployment and storage of hoses can have a major bearing on their safety, reliability and longevity.

Fendercare was keen to get expert advice on how to optimise the life of these products, so Dantec managing director, John Laidlaw, spent 24 hours on board a VLGC (Very Large Gas Carrier) in the Gulf of Oman to oversee the deployment, subsequent operation and disconnection of two strings of Dantec Cryogenic hoses.

Services provided

  • Despite difficult conditions, with external temperatures often soaring to 47 degrees, Dantec were able to witness every part of the operation over some 24 hours
  • Practical advice was given on the slinging, hoisting and support of the hoses
  • Improvements to the process were developed
  • Custom support devices were prototype designed for the STS application
  • Advice was given on best practice issues regarding visual inspection and rejection criteria for marine hoses

Benefits delivered

  • The combination of guidance has helped us benefit from significantly safer working practices and an overall reduction in long term asset costs
  • Advice on best practice issues has now been incorporated into company training manuals for operatives