NuStar Caribbean terminals receiving equipment and training

In 2014, Fendercare provided pilotage support to the NuStar Energy LP terminals operating on the island of St. Eustatius in the Caribbean.

Services provided

  • Berthing at CALM Buoys with attendance during cargo operations
  • Berthing and unberthing alongside the conventional berths with tug assistance
  • Continuous monitoring of load/discharge operations of vessels berthed at the CALM Buoy
  • Instructing tugs and line boats during ship docking activities
  • Training new marine Pilots and Mooring Masters
  • Provided anchorage position instructions for vessels receiving bunkers and port information/movements to Vessel Masters

Benefits delivered

  • Documentation for ship arrival/departure maintained for all vessels using terminal facilities
  • All marine related regulations and vessel documentation updated and adhered to
  • All HSQE safe working practices of Marine employees and contractors were enforced and developed
  • Fendercare Pilotage team acted as the terminal representative on arriving vessels to provide focal point of contact