Published on May 22, 2013

New range of distributed buoyancy modules for the offshore sector

Fendercare responds to market demand for increased choice and capacity by launching a new range of distributed buoyancy modules (DBMs).

When being used offshore, flexibles and umbilicals are often required to be held subsea in geometric configurations (“waves”) to reduce their tension. To maintain these “waves”, discreet buoyancy units called distributed buoyancy modules (DBMs) are attached to the floating conduits.

Fendercare Marine’s DBMs, as designed and manufactured under their Hippo Marine brand, are comprised of two main components: the clamp and the flotation unit which fits around it. The internal clamp is designed to act as the interface between the conduit and the flotation element, securely locking it in position and resisting axial movement throughout the full service life of the conduit.

A member of James Fisher and Sons plc, Fendercare Marine has used personnel with over 50 years worth of combined experience in designing its new DBM clamps. All these clamps are dynamically modelled and, where required, can be tested on a sample of the conduit to ensure good fit and sufficient friction for the application. The flotation unit which fits around the clamp is made of the same syntactic foam as that used by Fendercare Marine for subsea applications world-wide.

Fully designed in-house to respond to the specific demand of each and every project, Fendercare Marine has the ability to model, test and certify the DBMs for long-term subsea deployment. Fendercare Marine has already had substantial interest in its DBMs and the first deliveries are already being made.

Chris Sparrow, business development manager for Fendercare Marine, said;

“We have launched this range at this time in response to feedback from existing offshore clients for our other flotation product lines. They have told us that the market needed an additional, reliable manufacturer of DBMs capable of supplying top-quality products within realistic time-frames and at sensible prices, and that is exactly the niche we are now able to fill.”