Published on July 1, 2015

Agreement confirmed with Dantec UK for Singapore

Distribution, stocking and service agreement supports Fendercare Marine’s position as key marine supplier in Asia.

Fendercare Marine, one of the world’s foremost suppliers of marine products and services, has reached agreement with Dantec for mutual cooperation through Fendercare’s Singapore base.

UK manufacturer Dantec is a world leader in composite hose technology, with more than 40 years’ manufacturing and technical expertise delivering to over 50 countries. The distribution, stocking and service agreement with Fendercare Marine Asia Pacific covers the provision of composite hoses plus full hose testing, crimping facilities and additional bespoke related equipment. This enables Fendercare to move further towards an integrated ‘one stop shop’ for established clients involved in liquid and bulk chemical transfer together with untapped markets including land based refineries and terminals.

Fendercare Marine has provided ship-to-ship (STS) services to the oil and shipping industries globally since 1995. Today these services are provided from a network of over 50 worldwide bases, currently handling in excess of 2,800 transfers a year. Its safety record is exemplary without a single environmental incident since it began STS services and in 2014 it transported over 360 million barrels across the world.

Head of procurement, Ian Taylor, commented;

“Fendercare Marine and Dantec have had a strong working relationship for many years and this new agreement helps to further cement that. Our joint focus on safety and reliability means that our customers know that with Fendercare Marine they will receive a world-class STS and bunkering service, supported by market leading composite hose technology.

“Fendercare Marine is continually reviewing safety practices and previously worked with Dantec to gain practical advice on hose handling and support techniques during a typical STS transfer operation of liquefied gases. The handling, deployment and storage of hoses can have a major bearing on their safety, reliability and longevity; Fendercare Marine was keen to get expert advice on how to optimise the life of these products.”

During the operation, Dantec were able to offer practical advice on the slinging, hoisting and support of the hoses and subsequently developed improvements to the process and prototype designed custom support devices for the STS application. The combination of this guidance has benefitted Fendercare Marine with enhanced safety working practices and an overall reduction in long-term asset costs. Further to the handling advice, Dantec has also worked with Fendercare Marine on best practice issues regarding visual inspection and rejection criteria for marine hoses, which have been incorporated into Fendercare Marine’s training manuals.

Dantec managing director, John Laidlaw, commented;

“Dantec are delighted to further strengthen our worldwide cooperation with Fendercare. Our companies work together, sharing the common goals of providing first class products and services to high level clients in the marine and industrial market sectors. We view Singapore as being still the most important hub in the Asia Pacific region for our products, so we are extremely pleased that Fendercare have committed to unrivalled levels of production equipment and inventory to actively promote our products there.”

Fendercare Marine Asia Pacific was established in Singapore in 2000 and has enjoyed year-on-year growth on products and STS. In 2013, it had a turnover exceeding £30 million with a staff-strength of 28.

Over the past seven years Fendercare Marine Asia Pacific has increased the number of STS operations having successfully completed 157 in 2007 to over 330 last year. The range of locations being serviced has also increased during that time, with the company now operating in 6 designated STS locations in the region.

Nearby Fendercare Marine Malaysia Sdn Bhd is licensed and has its own designated anchorage to oversee all the STS operations on 4 VLCC floating storage vessels in Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia. The company also provides pilotage/mooring master assistance to various other projects in and around the Asia Pacific region.