Published on September 20, 2017

Fendercare Marine partner with James Fisher Everard to refuel HMS Queen Elizabeth during initial North Sea trials

The vessel was refuelled twice during initial trails at sea to avoid gridlock in the small port town of Invergordon, Scotland.

The 65,0000-tonne aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth requires over 4,000,000 litres of fuel to meet power requirements for the ship. The scale of re-fuelling requirements meant that:

“Road tankers were not a practical solution, instead the decision was taken to charter two British-crewed coastal tankers from James Fisher Everard” Andy Scraggs, Royal Navy, Logistics and Infrastructure Division

James Fisher Everard is one of the few remaining British owned and operated tank-ship companies, as part of James Fisher Group, Everard used that network to source two 250-metre-long Dantec hoses from Fendercare Marine.

The relationship between the Royal Navy, James Fisher Everard and Fendercare Marine allowed both operations to be successfully completed on time which in turn enabled HMS Queen Elizabeth to arrive at her home port of Portsmouth in August of 2017 to complete her fitting-out.