When faced with choosing a fender for your marine operations, you will take into account cost, install process, energy absorption, transport and the most appropriate type of fender for your vessel.

JF Fendercare is the world’s leading supplier of Yokohama pneumatic fenders. We want to explore all the ways in which Yokohama fenders can be right for you.

How are the fenders made?

Designed to withstand even the harshest of marine conditions, Yokohama fenders deliver exceptional performance. All Yokohama fenders are comprehensively tested for material and hydrostatic pressure irregularities. They are also correctly evaluated for angular and durability performance, and detailed certification is provided.

A Yokohama fender is comprised of several layers of strong, flexible rubber arranged at optimum angles to distribute load and stress evenly. A rubber cord frame is covered in two layers of wire-enforced rubber sheeting. The inner layer maintains pressure, and the outer layer protects the fender from damage.

Larger sizes (2.5m diameter upward) are fitted with a pressure release valve to prevent accidents in the event of over pressure due to high berthing velocities. These safety valves also confirm pressure detail, without the need for testing.

JF Fendercare also supplies tyre-chains and tyre cages which are fitted around the fender body to deflect impact across the surface and protect the fender.



Why choose Yokohama?

Yokohama fenders are the original pneumatic fender – developed utilising Yokohama Rubber’s significant expertise over 40 years ago, the Yokohama brand is the marker for premium quality rubber fenders. Yokohama is renowned for representing outstanding value for money and confidence in the protection of high value marine assets.

These floating fenders can absorb large amounts of energy. As a result, they are widely used across the marine industry. Because of their premium quality, the fenders are designed for durability and longevity, so have much longer warranties.

As a major global supplier of Yokohama fenders, JF Fendercare provides maintenance and inspection packages over the life-span of the product, to ensure continued high safety standards. The customer care experience you get with us is unmatched, our staff are passionate and helpful. We’re so confident in the high performance and durability of these fenders, that we also offer a buy-back scheme.

Across all of our global operational bases, we have a large stock available, so we will be able to meet your needs quickly.



A word from Sonia Crane, business development manager at JF Fendercare

"I’ve worked at JF Fendercare for 25 years and am passionate about the premium quality of our fenders. Over that time, as well as being the leading provider of genuine Yokohama fenders, we’ve also become the largest operator – entrusting our ship-to-ship transfer performance and reputation to the industry leaders.

"We pride ourselves in being attentive to customer requirements – offering our extensive operational and technical experience, and giving customers the confidence in the exceptional safety standards of Yokohama fenders to protect their multi-million pound vessels.

"I believe our experience and service-offering delivers a unique solution to customers, who can rely on our significant operational experience and put their trust in the original Yokohama fender – which has a proven track record in the industry."


JF Fendercare uses Yokohama Fenders

JF Fendercare is a leading provider of ship-to-ship (STS) transfer services. Every year we conduct 2,000-2,500 STS operations to expert standards. We only use Yokohama fenders, putting full confidence in the quality and safety of these high-performance fenders, to support our global operations.


Yokohama fender benefits – why we trust them:

  • High performance and cost-effectiveness – due to their premium quality, minimal ongoing maintenance is required
  • Premium quality, ensuring durability and longevity
  • Safety and reliability – premium quality materials and safety features
  • No deterioration or variation in performance in harsh environmental conditions
  • Safe for excess load – extremely resistant to over-pressure and accidental damage
  • Simple deployment and installation


So, why choose Yokohama fenders from JF Fendercare?

  • Proven performance. Integral to the protection and safeguarding of people, vessels and infrastructure, Yokohama fenders deliver enhanced safety, performance, and cost-effectiveness compared to alternatives.
  • No compromise on safety or quality. Not all fenders are created equal – many companies promote ‘Yokohama type’ fenders, but these are not original genuine Yokohama brand fenders with the same superior safety and quality standards. Over 60 years of engineering excellence and operational experience are built into their design.
  • They protect what matters. The safety and reliability of Yokohama fenders makes them a cut above the rest. They are made according to ISO 17357-1 standards, which is guaranteed when you buy from JF Fendercare. We also offer a 2 year warranty on our fenders, where competitors generally offer 12 months.
  • Comprehensive after-sales support. JF Fendercare provides a range of inspection, repair and maintenance services to ensure the continued high performance and safely extended lifespan of your fenders. Our expert technicians can support you from our key global locations for a rapid response.
  • Global stock availability. We offer a range of sizes in stock which are immediately available from our strategic regional bases. We can also supply Yokohama fenders for sale or on short or long-term hire, being flexible and responsive to your project requirements.


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